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​Little by Little IC launched in 2017 with the goal of inspiring compassionate, healthy, cruelty-free choices.
(In case you’re wondering, IC has a two-fold meaning – the literal ‘I see’ and the power of ‘I’nspiring ‘C’ompassion)


As Canada’s first exclusively vegan event planner, Sarah aims to make vegan food, beverage and vendors more accessible to anyone looking to plan a special event.  This enables compassionate individuals to remain true to their ethics, and businesses to highlight their progressive values, by incorporating vegan elements into their events.  With over a decade of experience, Sarah has fine-tuned her ability to manage all of the intricate details required to pull off an event with grace and precision.

Sarah is also certified in plant-based nutrition and provides consulting services to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to grow or build a plant-based business, or incorporate compassionate offerings into their existing structure. 

Little by Little IC provides an inclusive way of nurturing the vegan community, as well as introducing new people to the vegan lifestyle, in hopes they will see the value of its benefits, while making a collective difference to animals, individual health and the environment.





For your next Event

Whether you're looking to plan an event related to animal advocacy, a vegan or vegan-friendly fundraiser, gala, wedding, conference or social gathering, Little by Little IC has the expertise.



For the Growth of your Business

Professional assistance with your plant-based / vegan product, brand or service, as well as expansion strategies for 'traditional' businesses looking to be vegan friendly or include compassionate initiatives.

Giving Back

Be a part of the change

Be another voice inspiring compassion.

Be someone who says IC and helps others to see.

One person CAN make a difference, together we'll make an IMPACT.

2% of all net proceeds made through Little by Little IC

are donated to organizations making a difference to the lives of animals.

*Black and white animal only photos are taken by the incredible Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals Media

*Product photos are taken by the talented Kristin Thorogood of Kristin Thorogood Photography




Greater Toronto Area

Ontario, Canada

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