About Me and My Why

Everyone has a story and this just happens to be mine. 

Thank you for being curious enough to find out more about how Little by Little IC came to be.


My name is Sarah.  I've always loved animals and felt a heartwarming connection to them.  Though when I was young, I had no idea how they got to my plate, but little by little I started to see and make the connection.  At first, the easiest step was to choose a vegetarian diet.  I knew that I no longer wanted to eat the meat of an animal.  I thought taking meat off my plate was a huge deal and that my choices now aligned with my heart.  I continued cooking with butter, using eggs in recipes and enjoying wine and cheese nights.  Cheese...oh how I Loved my cheese! FYI - there is some seriously delicious vegan cheese out there these days!!


After making some gut-wrenching realizations about what really goes on, not only in the meat industry but in the dairy/by-product industries, and the unnecessary cruelty that innocent animals endure simply for human pleasure, I made a change to my lifestyle.  I went vegan.  Every day I choose to be aware of my decisions and choose kindness.  I find new ways to enjoy my old favourties; satisfying food replacements, new materials for clothing, shoes, accessories and décor, new restaurants and cafes to explore.  I choose to carry the vegan lifestyle through all aspects of my life.  I'm more proud of this profound choice than anything in my life.  My heart feels kinder and my spirit feels lighter knowing that I now truly live in alignment with my values.  I also feel so much healthier, cleaner and focused. DAMN it feels good to be vegan!

Before Little by Little IC, I had a successful career as a senior event manager in a prestigious private club in Toronto, Canada. I worked with many talented people and developed many valuable skills in the culinary world, in business, networking, strategic planning, sales and leadership.  I loved what I was doing, but knew that I wanted be a part of something bigger and do whatever I could to inspire compassion on behalf of the millions of animals suffering for human pleasures.  This meant I had to fuse my experience with my passion!  

With that in mind, I started Little by Little IC and

The goal of Little by Little IC has and always will be to inspire compassion, not only for animals, but for Mother Nature and this big beautiful planet, as well as to inspire individuals and organizations looking to make positive change. I donate 2% of my net proceeds to organizations going above and beyond in the name of animal advocacy. It's my way of contributing to the hope that one day animal cruelty will be a thing of the past.

Over the last few years, I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients; Canadian animal rights lawyer Camille Labchuk at Animal Justice, photojournalist and award-winning photographer Jo-Anne McArthur at We Animals Media, event producer and sustainable lifestyle content creator Avra Epstein at Love Wild Live Free/Vegan Social Events, plant-based eatery Lettuce Love Cafe, cashew based cheese company Zengarry Fauxmagerie and the lovely sauce makers at La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces, just to name a few.  Whether I'm planning a vegan event or supporting a project or fundraising initiative, I could not be happier.  I'm eager to be a part of others growth and support their success!

Entrepreneurship is more rewarding and more challenging than I could have imagined.  Every step of this journey has been taken with a kind heart and a fierce spirit, following my passion and my desire to live a life that feels true to me, while working towards making a difference in some way for the animals.  I'm doing this the only way I know how and am putting every ounce into it.  It feels amazing to be a part of something bigger and to live life with purpose. 

Thank you for being here. 

Little by little, let's make a difference and help animal cruelty be a thing of the past.