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Project managers play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring and completing projects. They are accountable for the project scope, team, resources, and the success of a project. It's their job to direct teams and team members through effective planning, communication and time management.

Sarah has wide-ranging experience managing a variety of projects including: book production, large-scale events, conferences and galas, crowdfunding campaigns, fundraising and outreach, and the development of sponsorship proposals. With a positive and professional approach, Sarah can help accelerate initiatives, facilitate the coordination of tasks between team members and volunteers, introduce new approaches and strategies, manage project timelines and assist in realizing overall objectives.


Animal Justice Holiday Fundraiser

Project and Event Management of the 2023 annual Animal Justice Holiday Party.

The event included nearly 300 guests, plant-based food and beverages, a silent auction with over 75 vegan-friendly items, a live aerial performance, DJ and dancing, a photo booth, the premiere of Animal Justice's year-in-review video, live donations and community networking. 

Previously planned the 2017-2022 annual holiday parties.

HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene

Project Management for the book release of HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene, by Jo-Anne McArthur

and Keith Wilson, with foreword by Joaquin Phoenix and images from 40 contributing photographers.

HIDDEN by We Animals Media

Key Responsibilities:

Build and launch crowdfunding campaign (raised nearly 400% of funding target)

Manage production timelines and deadlines with editors and designer

Photographer communications and administration

Team coordination of social media roll-outs

Manage promotional strategies

Manage and coordinate book launch

Press and media relations
Liaison for printing and distribution 

Manage crowdfunding perks and book fulfillment

Sponsorship coordination

Budget management

Develop and coordinate HIDDEN influencer program

Exhibition management

Canadian Animal Law Conference

Project and Event Management for the 2023 Canadian Animal Law Conference at the University of Toronto.

Previously planned the 2022 in-person Toronto conference, the 2021 and 2020 virtual conferences, as well as

the inaugural 2019 conference, live in Halifax.

Events include nearly 100 speakers, up to 45 sessions and 500 participants. 

Planning the 2021 Canadian Animal Law Conference

Key Responsibilities:

Both in-person and virtual event management

Research and selection of virtual platform

Project timeline and budget management

Sponsor relations

Creation of session schedule 

Liaison between speakers and support team

Development of training materials for 20+ volunteers

Volunteer management

Coordinate panelist rehearsals

Schedule pre-recorded sessions and live webinars

Manage and update virtual portal and app

"Live" virtual event management and tech support

In-person event and logistics management

Voters for Animals Campaign / National Animal Protection Election Debate

Special Projects Coordinator with Animal Justice for the 2021 Voters for Animals election campaign,

and the first ever National Animal Protection Election Debate.

Animal Protection Election Debate

Key Responsibilities:

Campaign management and oversight for Voters for Animals election campaign 
Coordination of Canada’s first-ever national animal protection debate
Liaise with election coalition organizations 
Facilitate animal protection pledge initiative for politicians and voters

Beantown Kitchen

Consulting on the project development of a vegan cookbook,

including business brand development.

Vegan Consultant

Key Responsibilities:

Vegan consultant Toronto

Key Responsibilities:

Project review, guidance and timeline development
Brand identification
Goal setting 
Outreach and networking recommendations
Editorial and design feedback 


I love working with Sarah. She's positive, pro-active, sweet-natured, a lot of fun, attentive to details and insanely organized. What more could you want in a team mate and project manager?

Jo-Anne McArthur, Photographer, Founder and President
of We Animals Media

I hired Sarah as a project consultant to help me with the publication of my book. She has provided that and so much more - brand identification, project goal setting, outreach advice, and even editorial and design feedback on my work. She is very knowledgable, caring, organized, responsive, professional, and lovely to work with. She is a wonderful coach and cheerleader and has had a very positive impact on my business and ability to execute on my personal mission. 

Diana Goldman, Founder of Beantown Kitchen 


Little by Little IC is based out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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