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Plant-Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Are you considering a change to a vegan diet but aren't sure where to start or how to find delicious

vegan substitutes for your current favourites?

Are you unsure how you'll thrive on a plant-based diet and still get all of your protein and nutritional requirements?

Do you need support or encouragement as you navigate the transition to veganism?

Are you currently vegan, but not feeling as well as you'd like?

Are you traveling soon and unsure if there will be vegan options and where to find them?

Do you wish you could give the perfect gift to your vegan friend, family member or colleague?

Are you having vegan guests over to eat and have no idea what to offer?

Are you planning a wedding, shower or event and want the venue to provide a vegan menu?

If you're anything like the rest of us when we started out on this vegan/plant-based journey, you're a bit nervous, uncertain and hesitant about the whole thing.  You've probably spent a fair bit of time online searching "how to go vegan" or "healthy plant-based eating", found a few awesome vegan Instagram profiles, googled cruelty-free winter jackets, studied protein sources, strolled the grocery store reading labels and gazed at a fresh sweet treat asking yourself "is this vegan?". 

Whether you're new to the vegan/plant-based world or are somewhere on your journey, you feel like you want to create lasting change in your life.  You want to feel like a stronger, clearer, shining version of yourself and bring health and wellness into your home and lifestyle.

Through vegan/plant-based coaching, Little by Little IC can bring balance to your life by aligning your diet with your lifestyle.  Certified in plant-based nutrition, I can be your personal trainer and the support needed to guide you through obstacles and challenges as you transition to a healthy and balanced vegan/plant-based diet. I can also offer assistance to those who aren't currently vegan, but want to support the vegans in their life.​  Let me know how I can best help!


The transition to a vegan lifestyle can sometimes feel like a lonely one.  I'm here to guide and support you.  No matter what stage you're at, I'll help you develop a plan to move into a healthy, fulfilling vegan lifestyle. 


Not sure what items are crucial to have on hand for a thriving vegan diet?  I'll poke around with you in your kitchen, provide recommendations and a plan.  Mason jars will be your new best friends!


Can I be strong, healthy and get all my nutrients and protein as a vegan?  Heck yeah!  I have the lowdown on protein power from plants, minding your minerals, pregnancy, body weight and the great vegan advantage. Take your health and wellness to new levels.



Not sure how to trade in your favourite food staples for new vegan ones?  I can help take the guess work out, setting you up with brands, shopping locations and a list that's sure to hit the spot!


Tell me what the vibe is, who's coming over and then let me plan the menu, write the grocery list and set you up to bask in the pleasure of the raving comments.


After 12 years of event planning, I know Chef's. They can be...unique ;)

Planning a wedding or an event and want to confidently offer a vegan or vegan-friendly menu?  Tell me the goal and the budget and let me deal with the Chef.

Vegan Toronto


Coming into the Greater Toronto Area?  Need personal recommendations on the must-go vegan places?  Or are you heading abroad and want the pre-eating/dining planning done for you?  I got you covered!


Tired of spending hours online looking for vegan-friendly shoes, winter jackets, makeup, shampoo, etc.  I can shop for you or point you in the direction of the tried and true.


You're ready to take the next step and get involved in making a difference.  Let me get you to the right events, involved with animal sanctuaries and organizations and help you engage with this incredible community!

Options and Packages

Options & Packages


"Working with Sarah is a true pleasure. She is a kind soul with a beautiful heart.  She is passionate about her work and even more passionate about her lifestyle and beliefs, and offers you a new perspective. With Sarah you get the real deal...she's a refreshing breath of air."

Jo Anne Elsbury, President of La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces

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